Man's Wedding Ring Tragically Causes His Untimely Death

A wedding ring is a symbol of love and commitment. Tragically, however, it was also one man's downfall. A man was reportedly electrocuted by his wedding ring while installing a dishwasher in his in-law's house. His wedding ring apparently came into contact with some kind of object -- perhaps a copper wire -- that sent a fatal jolt of electricity through him.


Jason Ferguson of Port Orange, Florida, was only 33 years old and doing what husbands do if you're lucky -- installing an appliance for his family, in this case, his in-laws. In fact, the family says he routinely installed and fixed appliances around the home. Good man.

It probably never occurred to him to remove his wedding ring before installing the dishwasher. But unfortunately the ring seems to have touched something that caused an electric current to surge through him, and the man ended up turning red while his arm was still behind the washer.

The family says they ran over and performed CPR, but it was too late.

Ugh, how terrible. It's just not the way you expect anyone to die. He went way too early. I'm not much for installing anything, but I do occasionally stick my hands into appliances when something is stuck in them or they're not working. I'll be sure to remove all rings in the future.

How terrible that this symbol of his commitment to his wife is something that caused his death -- just unfathomable. Sending thoughts and prayers to the family at this very difficult time.

Would you have ever thought this could happen?


Image via FireMedic58/Flickr

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