Mom Makes Fatal Decision to Try to Save 7-Year-Old Daughter From Fire

A mother was forced to make the worst choice imaginable -- and unfortunately it ended in tragedy. Mary Barkes of Arlington, Virginia, ran out of her burning home and called 911, but then she made the decision to go back inside the raging inferno and try to rescue her 7-year-old daughter, Emily. She never made it back outside -- and neither did the girl. But any mom knows there wasn't much of a choice here. She did what any loving mother would do. She tried to rescue her precious child.


The fire broke out in the house around 4 a.m. and Mary made it outside and was able to dial 911. But despite the fact that the house was consumed with flames, she went back in to try and rescue Emily. Her other daughter, 11-year-old Sarah, was able to make it to safety with her father.

I can only imagine what that poor woman was thinking -- on some level she must have known it was incredibly dangerous to head back into the house. But her mothering instinct took over, and she knew she couldn't live with herself if she didn't go back in and try to save her little girl.

Mary's husband, Bill, was able to make it down a ladder with Sarah. The two ended up falling and were injured, but both were treated at a hospital. Sarah may need surgery on her hands.

Mary's father told a local NBC station:

It’s horrible. I don’t know why we had to go through this. She was a good mother and a hard worker -- and a good wife.

Ugh, so tragic. Reportedly, the home didn't have any working fire alarms. Even the 70 firefighters who made it to the blaze were unable to get inside because of the intense heat and smoke.

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And yet Mary went back in for her little girl. Because that's what mothers do. They go back.

So tragic and sad.


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