Mom Loses Pulse After Childbirth for 45 Minutes Before Amazing Miracle

I don't ordinarily believe in miracles, but this one shocked me to my core -- in the best possible way. A Florida mom miraculously survived a rare childbirth complication and lived without a pulse for an incredible 45 minutes -- but was ultimately able to meet her newborn and live to tell about it.

After she was admitted to Boca Raton Regional Hospital to give birth via C-section, Ruby Graupera-Cassimiro, 40, suffered from an amniotic fluid embolism, which is a fatal complication that takes place when amnio fluid enters the mother's bloodstream after birth. She was reportedly chatting with family one minute and slipping into an unconscious state the next.

Thank goodness, doctors were able to immediately treat her, but after hours of CPR, they were ready to abandon all hope and actually called in the woman's family to break the heartbreaking news that she had died during childbirth.


Graupera-Cassimiro spent nearly an hour without a pulse and then another three hours trying to be revived by doctors, who were convinced she wasn't going to make it.

And then the incredible happened: just as her family members were leaving the room to pray -- and just as doctors were about to declare her dead -- they heard a blip on the mom's heart monitor. A nurse actually ran out of her room to tell her family to "keep praying" because her heart had begun beating again.

Graupera-Cassimiro, who is now a mother of two, was taken off of life support the day after this horrific occurrence -- and both she and her baby are healthy and well.

Such an amazing story! This hospital staff truly deserves credit for detecting the condition and continuing to resuscitate this mom, even though it seemed like she was slipping away.

Amniotic fluid embolisms are so rare that there are only between 1 and 12 cases of them for every 100,000 deliveries. As a result, risk factors are difficult to identify, according to the Mayo Clinic. These docs and nurses were quick to act, and who knows, perhaps there was even a bit of divine intervention helping out this mom and her baby.

Do you believe in miracles? To what do you attribute this mom's amazing recovery?


Image via Justin Taylor/Flickr

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