Kids As Young As 2 Reportedly Served Alcohol at Restaurant

A family in Colorado is "horrified" after they say their children -- aged between 2 and 8 -- were served alcoholic beverages at a family restaurant.

Trista and Omar Montoya say they dined at Joe's Crab Shack in Colorado Springs Wednesday with relatives visiting from out of town who love the popular establishment. Several children in their family accompanied them on the outing and reportedly ordered Shark Nibbles -- a drink featured on the kids' menu. But what they got in return resulted in a frightening trip to the hospital and an ongoing investigation.


The children were served their drinks, and then it reportedly took an astounding 30 minutes for a server to inform the Montonyas that the drinks were NOT what they thought they were. They were actually Shark Bite cocktails, made with Bacardi Limon Rum, Skyy Vodka, blue curacao, and "a dangerous dose of grenadine." The bartender reportedly got their order wrong and the kids drank up without realizing anything was wrong -- until one of the girls started to feel sick.

Thankfully, all of the children were sent home from the hospital after being examined and are doing just fine now.

But that fact isn't making the family feel any better about what happened. They want answers -- they want to know how such a ridiculously irresponsible mistake could be made. I don't blame them. As a mom, I wouldn't assume my child's apple juice was anything but apple juice. Unless I smelled alcohol -- and my guess is that the children sat far enough away from the adults for them to smell it, or perhaps they were drinking their own alcoholic beverages and couldn't tell the difference -- I wouldn't even think of checking my daughter's juice.

Joe's Crab Shack's corporate office released the following statement after this incident:

Joe's Crab Shack is aware of this incident at the Colorado Springs Location, and we are investigating this matter internally. We do not condone underage service of any kind. Our guests can rest assured that our processes are continuously examined so that incidents like this are avoided.

Can you understand how a mistake like this could happen or do you think this is unacceptable?


Image via Rosana Prada/Flickr

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