Mom In Need of Heart Transplant Tragically Loses Husband & Donates His Organs to Save Others

hand sewn heartKina Webb-Owens of Indianapolis, Indiana, is just 33-years-old but she is dying of heart disease. Doctors didn't give her long to live and she is on a transplant list hoping to receive a heart before it's too late. Kina and her husband Adrian have three children -- 16-year-old Kenya, 6-year-old Adrianna, and 2-year-old Kyle -- and they had talked extensively about how life would go on if she passed on before she was able to get a transplant. Adrian was the rock of the family -- and through Kina's love he was going to raise their children if the unthinkable happened. And then it did, but not as they feared. Adrian was killed in a car accident.


Thirty-four-year-old Adrian was on his way to his second job when the crash occurred. When his life couldn't be saved, doctors hoped that Adrian's undamaged heart would be a match for his wife Kina. Sadly, it was not. But Kina wanted her husband's organs to save others, people just like her depending on kind organ donors in order to live.

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This is one of those stories that stays with you. I am rooting for this family to get through this, to survive, and for Kina to get a heart donation and for that heart to work and thrive in her body. This woman is remarkable -- she is giving and hopeful and such an incredible example of a kind human being. She has such a big heart, as they say, full of love. And yet she needs another person's heart to help he live. Adrian's heart is going on and saving someone. Kina told Adrian's heart recipient who also lives in Indiana, "Take good care of it. You are getting an awesome heart. It's a hard-working heart." Another person in need in Indiana was gifted Adrian’s lungs and a kidney, and the other kidney went to a teenager who lives in Florida.

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Adrian's death has truly give others a new lease on life, and the will to live. He is a hero. Kina is a hero. I hope the organ donation program works even harder right now to get Kina a match for her heart. Please, universe. Make a miracle happen. Kina said, "[Doctors] didn't give me long to live, but I am still here. Grace of God."

Kina has the support from her family and friends who have put together a GoFundMe account to help her and the kids with expenses. We can all hope and pray that Kina gets matched with a heart soon so her and Adrian's children aren't faced with the loss of their mom as well as their dad. We should all be inspired by her kindness and will to live. My thoughts and prayers are also with the family to get through this together.

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