Fifth Teen Andrew Fryberg Dies After Washington School Shooting

Heartbreaking news this morning: a fifth teenager has died after the Washington state high school shooting that shocked the nation two weeks ago.

Andrew Fryberg, 15, who was the cousin of 14-year-old shooter Jaylen Fryberg, reportedly died Friday night at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle from his gunshot wounds.


Fryberg is the fifth victim of the tragedy, which took place on Oct. 24 in the school cafeteria. The shooter, who was reportedly upset over the loss of a girlfriend, allegedly texted his "friends" to meet him for lunch and then opened fire using a pistol he'd obtained from a relative. He killed 14-year-old Zoe Galasso at the scene and shot four more students -- two girls and two boys.

Jaylen then turned the gun on himself and committed suicide.

Gia Soriano, 14, died on Oct. 26 at Providence Regional Medical Center and Shaylee Chuckulnaskit died on Oct. 31 at Everett hospital.

Nate Hatch, 14, is the sole survivor of the shooting incident. He was released from Harborview on Thursday after sustaining a gun wound to the jaw and is at home resting. Hatch reportedly received a warm welcome home by 200 friends and family members who assembled along the road leading into the Tulalip Indian Reservation where he lives.

While in the hospital, Hatch tweeted a message about forgiving Jaylen that read: "I love you and I forgive you jaylen rest in peace."

Everybody was praying and hoping that Andrew would recover from his injuries and we are incredibly sad to learn that he didn't make it. His family issued the following statement before asking for privacy:

"We express our thanks for the amazing support from the community, as well as from everyone around the world that have been praying for us all through this tragic event."


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