Woman Who Found Baby in Yard Shocks Everyone With Unexpected Confession (VIDEO)

A woman was shocked when she found a newborn baby girl abandoned in her yard. The woman says she took the baby inside to clean her up, then called 911. Shortly afterward, she gave a TV interview describing how she discovered the infant after stepping onto her back porch and hearing crying. Thank goodness this woman was there for this baby. But how did she get there? Well, in a twist worthy of an episode of Law & Order, it turns out that it wasn't quite luck that let the woman discover the infant. Turns out the woman was the baby's mom.


Khiani Jackson of Beltsville, Maryland, called 911 to report the astonishing find -- a baby girl in the leaves of her backyard. Later, when a reporter from Fox 5 showed up to do an interview, Jackson was quite willing to talk with him. Asked who would drop a baby in her backyard, she said:

I was thinking maybe somebody saw me with my 1-year-old. You know, I walk around and let them play in the yard with the dogs, and maybe somebody saw me with them and thought that I would be in the proper, you know, where I could be in care of the baby.

... As a mom, I don't know what her circumstances were, but as a mom, I can't -- I couldn't, but if you need help, you should be able to talk to somebody, and maybe she didn't have that support system that she needed to be able to talk to somebody, or wherever she lived -- maybe they didn't know she was pregnant. I don't know, but it was very, very overwhelming. Just doing what a mama would do. I couldn't leave a baby out there.

In the video, the woman seems very concerned and convincing. But later, the police say she confessed the baby was actually hers. Bizarre!

Jackson seems like a good woman. She already has a 1-year-old, and she describes living in a nice neighborhood (the house looks huge!). But for whatever reason, she was obviously not prepared to take on another kid. So she staged this "baby find."

I guess you have to give her credit for doing what she did and not tossing the baby in the trash like some other stories we've heard. But still. She seems like she'd be such a good mama. And she seems like she truly cares about the baby. We don't know her story; it's just sad she felt she had to do this.

The adorable baby is in the care of CPS and already has lots of people wanting to adopt her. No charges are filed against the mom at this time.

Should she have charges filed against her?

Image via Fox5/YouTube

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