Mom Punches Shopper Who Asked Her to Quiet Screaming Kid (VIDEO)

shopper punched when child has tantrum

Have you ever been annoyed by a stranger interfering when your kid’s having a massive public tantrum? If so, have you ever been tempted to punch the daylights out of that person? That’s exactly what one mom in Colma, California, allegedly did recently when a fellow shopper asked her to quiet her child’s volume level — and while I can’t condone her actions, I think it’s a pretty solid case in favor of people minding their own damn business.


Twenty-year-old Bree Hajek-Richardson was shopping at the Nordstrom Rack in Colma recently when she noticed a kid having a meltdown in a shopping cart next to her while she was waiting in line to pay. Instead of finding her inner zen and recognizing that the mom probably wasn’t enjoying it any more than she was, Hajek-Richardson decided to speak up:

It wasn't bothering me, (the tantrum) but it was just the volume was a little bit loud. It was hurting my ears so I asked her very nicely to calm her child down a little bit, you know, the volume.

That’s when she alleges the mom got angry and yelled, “Don't tell my child what to do!” Hajek-Richardson said she hadn’t, she’d only asked the mom to step in and muffle Junior’s voice, but the mom followed her outside (after Hajek-Richardson told her to go to hell, mind you) and socked her in the face.

Here’s the news clip with Hajek-Richardson’s side of the story:

She was left with scrapes, a bloody mouth, a tooth that may fall out, and after a visit to the emergency room, she filed a police report. Colma cops confirm there was a verbal altercation that escalated into violence and that the whole thing was caught on camera and they’re trying to track down the mom.

As for Hajek-Richardson, she admits this isn't the first time she's spoken to a parent about a loud child, although she’s never received a beatdown for her troubles before. Personally, I think this is a pretty strong message from the gods that she should keep her trap shut when a kid’s misbehaving, because while no one likes to be around someone else’s bratty behavior, there’s no reason to get involved. Who knows whether that child had a medical issue that contributed to the situation? Pay for your discounted Nordstrom gear and go home, lady. It’s a heck of a lot easier than losing a tooth because you can’t MYOB.

Do you think it’s fair to speak up when someone else’s kid is freaking out in public?

Image via KTVU

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