Crazy Hockey Mom Ordered by Judge to Stop Contacting Sons' Coaches

hockey mom restraining order

If hockey moms are anything like soccer moms, I’m guessing the sport attracts all the standard varieties: the mom who sneaks peeks at her phone during the game, the mom who knows all the other moms and turns the sidelines into a social occasion, the shy mom who mostly keeps to herself, the well-meaning but confused mom who shouts things like, “Way to field goal that home run, boys! What semester is it?” and the overly invested mom who knows the coach’s job better than they do.

A B.C. mother who apparently falls into that last category has been so fired up over her sons’ hockey playing, a judge has had to issue a RESTRAINING order against her. Talk about someone who seriously needs to remember it’s just a game.


Last month a British Columbia judge ordered an unnamed mother to stop contacting her children's coaches and NHL officials. The decision came from a divorce case in which the children’s father told the court his former wife had been embarrassing the entire family by sending — and I quote — “hundreds” of emails to people involved in the boys’ sport. The kids, 15 and 17, are apparently promising hockey players, and the mom’s been harassing coaches, causing disturbances at games, and even assaulted one of the coaches.

One coach says he received emails almost EVERY DAY in 2010 and told the father the son was no longer allowed to play because,

(The) emails and the anxiety that they cause ... are just too much to manage. I feel very unsafe and worried at the rink as we are not sure if [the mother] will show up and cause a problem.

Oh my gosh, I can’t believe it. Or I guess I can, I’ve seen how weirdly passionate parents can get about their kids’ sports, and if these boys seemed like they were on the path to a pro career, I can imagine how someone’s already unhinged behavior might have started spinning out of control. But I can’t believe she couldn’t see that she was causing more harm than good, that’s just sad and makes me wonder if the boys are okay being with her.

Also, it sounds like she really damaged their dreams of being pro athletes — the father says the Richmond Sockeyes (Junior B team) was "not willing to risk its organization" because of how she acted, and the Vancouver Giants (Western Hockey League team) picked other players over the son.

Apparently the dad has sole custody and the mom has visitation, and the judge has now ruled that the mom can’t have direct or indirect contact with any third parties involved in caring for the kids including principals, teachers, doctors, coaches, trainers, and sports program volunteers. She also can only contact the dad via email twice a week ... as long as the email isn't more than 200 words and has no attachments.

Wow. I sort of want to see those previous emails, don’t you?

Anyway, I hope she gets some help for her issues, and I hope the kids are able to progress in their sports however they can. Some parents really need to know when it’s time to back the hell out of their kids’ lives.

Have you ever seen parents who act like this (maybe not quite this badly) on the sports field?

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