Mom Humiliates 10-Year-Old Because She Won't Brush Her Hair

A mother is being slammed by many for her decision to punish her 10-year-old daughter in an unusual way after she said the child refused to brush her hair: she reportedly shaved her head and then posted the photo to Facebook, where it quickly went viral and ended up on Reddit.

The mom reportedly posted a photo of her daughter with the caption, "... new hair cut all because she wouldn't brush it and i told her it was going to happen next time she ended up with a rats nest....hopefully this will be a lesson learned..."


Here's the post as it appeared on Facebook:

Reddit followers seemed torn on this mom's punishment. While some -- I should say few -- ran to her defense and said her actions don't make her a bad mom and that her daughter will now learn a lesson, far more people were HORRIFIED to see what she had done to her very young daughter.

A few comments included: "Wow, that is forced humiliation. I feel horrible for that young girl. Imagine what this mother would do for other types of punishments is worrisome" and "And today in 'How to make your children hate your guts 101.' Seriously, there's no chance she's ever going to forget her mother doing this, or the grief it'll cause in her life when other kids harass her."

I agree 100 percent. My daughter hates when I brush her hair and it's always a struggle to get her to sit still. I couldn't even imagine doing something like this to her just because I am being forced to endure a few minutes of her whining every morning. Did this mom even think for a second about the cruel comments her daughter would have to deal with at school for this? Did she care?

As far as "lessons" go, what did she think she was teaching here? That if you don't do exactly as I say, the penalty is I'm going to take my completely unrelated anger out on you? Obviously, I'm inferring a lot. I don't know this mom and can't say whether her daughter's battle with a hairbrush was the sole reason she inflicted what I consider to be an inappropriate punishment. Apparently, she's the mother of five children and this is her only daughter. Maybe she was at her wits' end and had lost all patience. Lord knows we've all been there.


I think the thing I find as equally disturbing as shaving her daughter's head is the fact that the mom posted her photo on Facebook. Is she so insecure that she feels the need to broadcast her punishments online for approval? Was she trying to humiliate her? I just don't understand the point of doing this, and I don't feel it's fair to her child to embarrass her this way.

What do you think about this mom's punishment?


Image via Joanna Bourne/Flickr

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