12-Year-Old Girl Answers Puppy Ad & Meets Dozens of Despicable Creeps

Just in case you need another lesson on why 12-year-olds shouldn't be using Craigslist -- for any reason -- here is another one. A young girl in Oklahoma was looking through the pet section for a puppy when she spotted the perfect dog. Reportedly, the person placing the ad wanted to know more about the girl, including her phone number, where she lived, and general information. That seems reasonable for someone wanting to make sure their puppy gets a good home -- and the girl gave over her information. It was a mistake the entire family would soon regret.


Within minutes of receiving her name and number, the jerkoff supposedly selling a puppy reposted her information on the site -- presumably in a different section -- offering her up as a sexual partner. Instantly, the preteen's phone was flooded with pornography, sexual come-ons, and highly offensive photos.

The girl's horrified mom told KOCO:

She started getting pictures of guys having sex, pictures of guys' genital parts.

The mom tried to text the man about what had happened (not a great idea) and suddenly her phone was filled with sexual images too.

The girl's parents have had to disconnect their daughter's phone as well as social media accounts, and not only that, they are so frightened, they are planning to move! The mom explained:

She's scared to go outside. She doesn't want to go outside without me or her father at her side because now these people know where she lives.

As traumatizing as this must be, it's a valuable early lesson for this girl -- kids are way too lackadaisical about posting their personal information online. Here is one girl who might be much more careful in the future.

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If you're exchanging services with anyone on Craigslist, be cautious. Communicate through an email account that does not have your name on it and is set up strictly for that purpose. If you need to talk to someone, dial *67 before you call, which will block your number. Meet in a public place.

And kids should always have their parents do the online communicating with strangers.

Do you teach your kids about the dangers of the Internet?

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