4-Year-Old Shoots Little Sister & Dad Tries to Cover It Up With a Despicable Lie (VIDEO)

A 3-year-old girl is fighting for her life after her dad said that two black men wearing hoodies came to their door and started randomly shooting, hitting her in the head. But if you watch crime shows, this already sounds a tad suspicious. People don't normally come to a door and just start shooting at little kids for no reason. Indeed, it finally came out that a tragedy happened. Police believe that the little girl was shot by her 4-year-old brother, who mistook the gun for a toy gun.


Reportedly, the children were playing alone in a bedroom in their home in Lorain, Ohio when their parents heard a loud bang. The adults ran into the room and found the 3-year-old bleeding from the head. When police arrived, the little boy reportedly kept apologizing to them. Ugh, this poor boy. He had no idea what he was doing.

It's unclear how the father thought he could get away with the story he reportedly came up with -- especially if the little boy was already voicing his regrets. Not to mention that the mom had pointed the finger at her son in her 911 call.

But perhaps the father panicked. And, yes, it is VERY wrong that he blamed two black men. This particular lie happens too often -- and it is lies like this that make it so difficult for black men to walk around unmolested by police!

Perhaps the dad thought he was protecting his son if he told such a story -- and who can blame him for that. He probably didn't think through what could happen when you blame two black men for a crime -- such as that perhaps two black men on the opposite side of town could now get arrested. But police also think the dad may have been trying protecting himself -- as reportedly the gun belonged to him, and it certainly doesn't sound like it was properly secured.

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Thankfully, the little girl is still alive. But she is clinging to life, and no doubt if she lives, her life will be altered forever -- all because her brother got his hands on a weapon he should have never been able to get his hands on.

Should the parents be held responsible?

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