Military Veteran Told He Needs to Get Rid of His Unusual Therapy Pets (VIDEO)

Lots of veterans have been saved by therapy pets. They help vets regulate their emotions, give them something to take care of, and help them learn how to manage anxiety and learn to trust again. One vet, however, has been fined over his therapy pets -- that's because they are ducks.


Iraq war veteran Darin Welker, 36, was fined $50 for keeping 14 ducks he raised from ducklings in his backyard. It's unclear why Welker wanted ducks over dogs -- but perhaps he's allergic. He says the ducks have helped him out tremendously, that he takes less medication, makes less visits to the VA hospital, and is managing his PTSD, all thanks to his Daffys.

But the town says no one can keep wild animals -- whether or not they're therapy pets. And believe it or not, Welker's ducks are actually registered as "emotional support animals."

I actually had no idea how friendly ducks are until recently, when an animal shelter near me took in a homeless duck who had escaped from a slaughterhouse. The duck follows people around like a cat would. You can even pet him. I'm already a vegetarian, so I don't eat duck, but if I did, I certainly wouldn't after meeting this very personable duck. So I can see how Welter is attached to his ducks.

He says they even come in his house and "love to be held."

Yeah, there are reasons not to keep wild animals as pets, that is for sure. But the town doesn't say specifically why ducks are outlawed. What about chickens? Plenty of people raise them for eggs and food -- are they against the law too? Sounds like a bunch of quacks!

Besides, isn't it better to have a calm, happy vet than one walking around full of anger and PTSD? Seems like that could be more of a danger than a few ducks. Plus, the neighbors don't even mind the ducks. Boy, the town is being a real scrooge here.

Let this man keep his ducks, I say. He served his country, what harm can a few ducks do?

Should he keep his ducks?

Image via USA Today

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