Dad Who Vanished at Broncos Game 'Just Snapped'

Paul Kitterman had everyone worried when he mysteriously vanished from a Broncos game during halftime. He had gotten up to go to the bathroom and never came back, leaving his adult stepson and two pals beside themselves with worry. His friends and family looked for him for five days. Police were sympathetic, but since there was no evidence of foul play, there wasn't much they could do. Just when it looked like something terrible had befallen the 53-year-old Colorado man, a cop recognized him in a parking lot 112 miles away in Pueblo, Colorado. Unbelievably, the man had gotten there with no car, no credit cards, and only about $50 in cash.


So what happened? Why would a grown man just wander away from a stadium and frighten his friends and family like that?

Kitterman is currently being evaluated in a hospital, but according to Bryan Case, an old friend who spoke to the Daily Mail Online, Kitterman doesn't like crowds and may have had some kind of "nervous breakdown." Case said:

He's like me, he doesn’t like crowds, he’s never been to a football match and I haven’t either. Something just happened, he snapped ...

He didn't know who he was. He'd never let nobody down and never do this [knowingly]. I don't want anybody to think he just wandered off. He's doing better, he looked like hell. I think he's had a breakdown. A nervous breakdown, I don’t know, but he's not himself.

Case says he is getting a CAT scan in the hospital. Wandering off like that could be a sign of a medical problem -- anything from dementia to a brain tumor. It could also be a sign of mental illness.

The fact that he seems not to have remembered what happened could be an indicator that something is wrong medically.

But it could also just be that Kitterman had reached an emotional tipping point. Believe it or not, many people do disappear on their own every year. Whether it's financial problems, problems with a relationship, or stress from a job, people will often remove themselves from everything and everyone they know as a way to "escape" their issues.

Kitterman's friends and family are probably hoping that Kitterman did just have a "nervous breakdown" -- that would certainly be preferable to dementia. Let's hope that he's on the way to recovery.

Have you ever known anyone who just wandered off?


Image via Denver Police

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