Utah Family of 5 Likely Died of Poisoning

Last month we learned that five members of a Utah family were found dead inside of their home by an older son. While some of us may have suspected this was yet another heartbreaking murder-suicide, police couldn't figure out what had happened. There was no sign of bodily trauma, deadly gases, or blood. The family members -- father Benjamin Strack, mother Kristi Strack, and kids Benson, 14; Emery, 12; and Zion, 11 -- were described by neighbors as "quiet," but no one had anything to report that would indicate these parents were a danger to their kids.

Police have just revealed that the evidence they found indicates the family members were likely killed by poison.


The Strack children and their parents were reportedly found dead in their parents' locked bedroom, and police say each had cups next to their bodies. They say the cups contained some kind of red liquid and that Kristi had the same liquid dripping from her mouth. Investigators reportedly discovered 10 empty bottles of nighttime cold medication, empty bottles of methadone, and allergy medicine in the trash can.

Cops also reportedly found a pitcher of mysterious red juice, a purple bucket containing yellow liquid, a bag of marijuana, and other pills.

Also, extremely odd: the three children -- who had their own bedrooms in the home -- were found covered in bedding up to their necks. Cops believe someone put them in that position after they died. Benjamin and Kristi Strack were found on top of their bed next to their children.

Police won't comment on whether they believe this was a murder-suicide or if they have a suspect in mind. Springville police Lt. Dave Caron says that until he has the results of a toxicology report -- which isn't expected to come back until November -- he doesn't have anything.

The only thing we really know about this family is that Benjamin's former employer says he worked on and off at a bricklaying company and that he had borrowed money from him in the past. Benjamin and Kristi reportedly pleaded guilty to misdemeanor forgery charges in 2008 and, in 2009, were charged with disorderly conduct.

What do you think of this new evidence? What do you suspect happened here?


Image via Rodrigo Senna/Flickr

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