Reporter With Hot Mic Accidentally Calls Her Co-Worker 'Fat' On Air (VIDEO)

Whoops! Poor Sam Rubin. Not only does the KTLA reporter's wife think he's put on some weight, apparently at least one co-worker thinks he's "always been" the fat one on the show.

Traffic reporter Ginger Chan was off-camera last Friday, October 25, when Rubin joked with the anchors about his wife asking him, "When did you become the fat guy on that show?" Unfortunately, her mic was still on, and everyone heard her clear as a bell when she exclaimed, "He's always been!"


The camera then cut to Chan, who took a second to realize her mistake before clapping her hands to her mouth in mortal embarrassment. They all tried to make light of the comment, but talk about awkward!

KTLA posted a link to the video on their Facebook page, and wrote, "Accidents happen, and that’s why our anchors are supposed to turn off their microphones when not on camera. Wondering what kinds of slip ups can happen? Watch the clip to see Ginger Chan’s accidental dis. Sorry, Sam Rubin. We think you look great!"

As for Sam? He's trying not to take it too personally. The 54-year-old opined his thoughts on the "F" word in an essay over the weekend, "Do I Look Fat in This Airbrushed Picture?"

This 'F' word is particularly loaded, because I think our definition of fat has changed over the years; mostly as many of us have gotten fatter ... If you were to hook me up to a polygraph machine and ask me if I thought I was out and out fat; I would say that I wasn't. Sure, I can stand to lose a few pounds; who couldn't. But am I among the morbidly obese? I don't think so.

Hmmm, sounds a little bit defensive, but who can blame him? He did also say that he knew Chan's comment was "innocent," so hopefully no hard feelings.

At least this incident isn't as embarrassing as the time Samuel L. Jackson smacked Rubin down for confusing him with Laurence Fishburne. Now that was really humiliating.

Have you ever had anyone overhear something you said that they weren't supposed to?


Image via ViralVideosDaily/YouTube

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