Washington School Shooter Allegedly Texted Victims to Meet Before Attack

The heartbreaking details of the Washington school shooting last Friday keep getting worse and worse. We just got the news on Monday morning that Gia Soriano, 14, was taken off life support after being shot in the head by popular freshman Jaylen Fryberg.

The 15-year-old opened fire in his Marysville Pilchuck High School cafeteria last week, shooting four others before reportedly turning the gun on himself and ending his own life. Detectives are digging through text messages and social media accounts to get an idea as to a motive, but apparently it was no accident that these five were together at that moment. Allegedly, Fryberg had invited his victims to sit with him at lunch before attacking them.


In a news conference, Snohomish County Sheriff Ty Trenary reported that the five students were sitting together at a lunch table when Fryberg opened fire. The other victims were 14-year-old Zoe Galasso, who died shortly after the attack, Fryberg's two cousins, Nate Hatch, 14, and Andrew Fryberg, 15, and another girl, Shaylee Chuckulnaskit, 14. The three survivors remain in critical condition in the hospital, although Hatch has shown some improvement.

Various reports indicate that Fryberg was extremely upset that Zoe had begun dating his cousin Andrew, who had been like a brother to him. His Twitter page was filled with laments about how an unnamed person was no longer his "brother" and "Did you forget she was my girlfriend?"

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The five students were reportedly sitting next to each other before Fryberg pulled out a relative's licensed .40-caliber handgun (some reports claim it to be his father's) and started shooting. Now the question as to why they would be together in the midst of so much teen drama may have been answered. He invited them.

Nothing has been released about the content of the messages, but I can only imagine that those students came together hoping that they could bury the bad blood and move on from hurt feelings.

Nate Hatch has apparently regained consciousness after suffering a gunshot wound to the jaw. According to his family, he has been communicating through writing, as he is unable to speak. Nate's grandfather, Donald Hatch, told reporters that he knows that it was his close cousin who attacked the group.

Nate reportedly questioned, "Why would my brother do that to me?"

On Monday a large group of mourners gathered outside the school and hugged each other tightly at 10:39 a.m., the exact moment the shooting was reported on Friday.

This whole situation is absolutely wrenching, and even though we may find out more details, there can never be a real rhyme or reason for such a tragedy.

What do you think of the latest developments?


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