Man Who Was Told He Was a Father on Facebook Says He Never Got Message

Facebook might now be the preferred way people announce marriages, engagements and pregnancies -- but should it really be the way you tell someone he's going to be a father? Probably not, says the Oklahoma Supreme Court, which sided with a father who is contesting his baby daughter's adoption. The mom had found out she was pregnant with his baby and decided to tell him via Facebook ... and I guess the message got sent to his "other" inbox or something, because the man says he never got the message.


After not hearing back from the man, the woman says she gave up her baby for adoption. The little girl has been living with her adoptive family for two years but the man wants his baby back, and says he never received the news of the pregnancy.

Not exactly a foolproof way to send such important news. If these two weren't even friends, then her message may have gone into the "other" black hole. And does anyone ever check that thing? I didn't even know it existed for like two years. And don't even get me started on party invites. I can't tell you the amount of birthday parties of friends I've missed because I totally ignore those too.

The Oklahoma Supreme Court reportedly agreed with the dad and said that he wasn't properly notified. I have to concur. Would a text message have been too much to ask here?!

But unfortunately the little girl has been living with her adoptive family for two years now, the only family she's ever known. It wouldn't be right to tear her away from them.

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But the father deserved to know he had a baby on the way, and deserved the opportunity to be her dad. What a mess.

People, Facebook is NOT for everything. There IS such a thing as the phone. You might want to break out that bizarre instrument for special occasions such as, I dunno, telling someone he's going to be a father.

Do you think this was proper notification?


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