Cop Arrested for Spanking Teen Daughter With Belt

Ugh. In news that makes you kind of sick to your stomach ... an off-duty New York police officer was recently arrested for belting his own teenage daughter.

NYPD officer Eworth Pryce, 43, was charged with felony assault on Friday, after allegedly striking his daughter with a belt, in an "overzealous attempt to discipline her."


The off-duty NYPD cop was arrested for felony assault early Friday after he struck his teenage daughter with a belt, police said.

Officials said that Officer Pryce allegedly used the belt on the 16-year-old girl in their East Flatbush, Brooklyn, home in an attempt to discipline her.

No word on what she was being disciplined for, but he was awaiting arraignment in Brooklyn Criminal Court Friday morning.

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There is not a whole lot of information known at this point, including whether or not the "spanks" were bad enough to leave marks. But even if they didn't, is it ever OK to hit your child with a belt?

I don't believe it is.

The spanking debate rages on, and honestly, I can see that sometimes it may be appropriate to administer a swat on the hiney. But a swat on a toddler's rear end is very different in my mind than a belt to a teen girl. Actually, I cannot imagine a situation in which it is appropriate for a parent to hit a child with a belt.

The fact that the alleged perpetrator was a cop just makes it that much worse. We rely on law enforcement to protect us, but what are we supposed to do when we hear things like this?

Take it with a grain of salt since there is no proof at this point, kiss our kids, and vow never to beat them in the name of "discipline," I suppose.

Does this situation sound like normal spanking to you?


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