Sneaky Toddler Climbs Into Toy Machine While Grandma Looks Away for Just a Text (VIDEO)

colin lambert claw toy vending machineMaryville, Tennessee, grandma Diane O'Neill was babysitting her grandson, 18-month-old Colin Lambert, on Tuesday and she took him to the laundromat so she could do her laundry. While waiting, Diane looked down at her phone since she got a text message and little Colin looked up at the claw toy vending machine. So many stuffed toys! he must have thought. Must have them! And so, the mischievous toddler found a way to climb inside the vending machine, nestling himself among a sea of plush duckies, horses, kitties, and teddy bears. Could this kid be any cuter?! 


How in the world did he get in there?! Apparently the opening that delivers the toys is just big enough for Colin to fit in. And his family admits that he is the kind of kid who gets into everything at home. Little daredevil! Colin's grandma Diane did what anyone would do when first seeing an 18-month-old peering out from inside a vending machine: She took pictures, of course! And then a bit of panic set in. Diane told NBC:

All I could see was his feet. He had already crawled in. I grabbed his feet and he kicked my hand and got in. Climbed up over the glass partition and sat down in the toys.

As long as he was okay, it was funny. He thought it was fun, like, 'Look what I can do. I'm clever.' He was smiling until he wanted to get out, and then he became unhappy.

My biggest fear was that he was going to climb back over and try to get back out. The plastic they had that held the toys in is cracked and broken in several places. I was afraid he was going to try to climb over and get hurt.

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Grandma called for help and firefighters arrived to help Colin get out. For his ingenuity, Colin was rewarded one plush toy of his choosing. Hmm, let's see. Climb in toy machine, get toy. Let's do this again, Grandma! But how could anyone be mad at this little cutie. Those eyes! That face! I have a feeling Colin is going to be getting away with things for a long time. This is definitely one of those stories that will be told to his very own grandkids someday. And there are photos to prove it. Better hold onto that stuffed toy, too.

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Toddlers love to get into things they shouldn't. It's the age where nothing is safe because nothing is off-limits for their eager little minds. They want to touch all the things! Get into all the trouble. In the seconds grandma took to look at her text message, Colin got himself in a bit of trouble. A blink and boom! Kid gets himself in a tight situation. I'm betting grandma put a no texting rule on herself the next time she watches Colin -- or at least no texting unless Colin is sitting on her lap or taking a nap. Definitely no texting when a vending machine full of toys is nearby. Too risky.

Be honest: Would you take photos first, then call for help if this happened to you?

Image via Diane O'Neill

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