Adults Cheer As Children Pummel Each Other in Kiddie 'Fight Club' (VIDEO)

A video circulating on the web of shirtless little kids enacting what appears to be a scene from Fight Club has caused outrage. The kids, who look about 6 or 7 years old, throw wild punches at each other while a bunch of adults stand around, taking pictures, laughing, and filming it.


Take a look at this shocking footage, which first appeared on Facebook (be warned, it is graphic):

While some commenters have said this is mere "horseplay," it appears to go well beyond that. The boys are screaming, and one is crying hard and sounds like he's hurt. A little girl gets in the middle of it and tries to break it up.

The adults stand around appearing to be quite amused at the whole thing -- either they thought it was no big deal or they're actually the ones who set the damn fight up! Maybe they were taking bets, who knows.

Maybe the parents were sick of the kids fighting and thought it best to let them work it out themselves, but it seems more like they're getting a thrill out of watching the kids be violent with each other.

Sadly, perhaps the adults watching grew up with this kind of behavior and think it's totally normal. When the little kids are teens who think with their fists instead of their brains, they probably won't think it's so funny. Then they'll blame the kids for being troublemakers.

It's up to adults to teach kids that this behavior is unacceptable, not egg it on.

Reportedly, the footage was shot in Delaware and police are trying to identify the adults. Let's hope they are found, because you can only imagine what else these kids are going through.

Do you think the adults watching should be arrested?


Image via HereComesMax/YouTube

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