Michael Brown Autopsy Results Show Struggle at Close Range With Officer

Shooting victim Michael Brown was shot at close range at least once says the teen's autopsy report -- a conclusion that will bolster police officer Brown's version of the events that led to him killing the unarmed teen. Wilson has maintained that Brown lunged through the cruiser window at him and tried to take his gun. The autopsy report shows that Brown was shot at close range on the hand.


According to new Wilson testimony, during the struggle inside the cop's SUV, Brown pressed the barrel of the gun against the officer's hip. Wilson tried to fire, but Brown was blocking the trigger. At some point he was able to fire, and the bullet hit Brown in the hand. This is when Brown, according to Wilson, ran.

Of course, what happened after this is the focus of much debate. Had Brown been scared enough by the bullet to the hand that he surrendered, as some witnesses claim? Or was he rushing Wilson, as he claims, and some witnesses back up?

Witnesses also confirm that there was a struggle in the vehicle, but according to Dorian Johnson, who was walking with Brown, it was Wilson who grabbed Brown by the neck and forced him into the car for a struggle.

Brown's blood was found inside the car too, so there seems to be no doubt there was a struggle in the car. A bullet wound on the hand seems to at least back up the story that the two were struggling for the gun.

Brown's autopsy also showed he had marijuana in his system.

A second pathologist concluded that Brown couldn't have had his palms up in a raised position facing Wilson, as the bullet traveled from the back of the arm to the inner arm. (But could this indicate he was running away?)

The whole thing is still pretty confusing. How does an almost 300-pound man stuff himself into a car window and then is able to grab for the gun? And why would he grab for the cop's gun unless he felt threatened? How does a cop sitting in a car grab a 300-pound man by the throat and bring him through the window? They definitely ended up in the car together but how is a bit of a mystery.

Whatever happened exactly we will likely never know, but one thing is for sure, the African-American population will feel very angry and betrayed if Wilson receives no punishment. However, if the officer was fighting for his life, he shouldn't be punished either.

There are no happy endings here.


Image via Scott Olson/Getty Images News

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