Woman Finds Out She's 38 Weeks Pregnant -- While Still Wearing a Size 6

Everyone's heard the stories about moms who didn't know they were pregnant until they had the baby, right? Not to be crass about it ... but a lot of times ... those moms have a little bit of extra weight on them. Not necessarily obese, and of course they don't even look pregnant, but after the fact, you can kind of see where the baby was hiding.

Not in the case of slender, size six Aussie Kate Hudson, who never expected to find out that she was 38 weeks pregnant while on vacation in Europe. This skinny 22-year-old attributed the teeniest belly bulge to overeating.


"I had absolutely no real clear symptoms," Kate admitted. "I was still getting regular periods, I wasn't nauseous, no morning sickness, little weight gain, so it seemed silly to think I was pregnant. All I had leading up to it was a little constipation and I went from a C-Cup to a D-Cup."

We should all be so lucky to experience such easy pregnancies! But of course, it does make quite a difference if one knows she is pregnant.

Kate was seven weeks into a European tour that included lots of physical exercise and thrill sports, any and all foods, and alcohol when she said she started feeling "out of sorts." Thinking maybe ... she took a pregnancy test, and was shocked when it came back positive.

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When she called her boyfriend Aaron back in Melbourne to deliver the news, he was taken aback too. "Although he was shocked, he was supportive and said we could work around it, and if not, we'd have months to prepare for having a baby," she said.

Not so much. Kate saw an obstetrician in Prague, who gave her the news that she was 33 weeks along. "I thought she said 13 -- not 33! No way was I ready to have a baby. I'm only 22. No job, no money and no time to prepare," she remembered.

Thinking she had a little less than two months to prepare for the baby, she flew home to Melbourne, where she "cried for 22 hours" thinking about how quickly her life was changing.

More quickly than she knew at that point. Australian doctors told her that she wasn't 33 weeks along -- she was 38. Days later, 6.5 pound Mason joined the world, and his completely stunned parents.

"I was scared about the future," the new mom said. "Being a mum is daunting. I had no money since I had just come back from overseas. Where will we live? How will we pay for stuff? I didn't know all too much about babies."

On Mason's swift arrival, she said, "People just couldn't believe it ... I would tell them the story and then they would understand, but still it's a pretty unbelievable story given my size."

Remember, this woman was a size six throughout her entire pregnancy! Doctors say she had a tilted back uterus that caused the baby to sit high in her diaphragm. But still, it's so hard to imagine that she had no flipping idea. No fetus foot in the ribs? No peeing every three minutes? You'd think some of those pregnancy symptoms would be magnified if the baby were squishing your internal organs more than in an average pregnancy, but apparently not in this case.

Everyone seems to be doing well. Mason is eight weeks old now, and Kate and Aaron are slowly adjusting to parenthood.

"I wake up in the morning and sometimes I forget I have a baby," she said. "It's a huge change and very overwhelming. I didn't have the eight or so months to prepare so everything is just test and go."

How would you react if you found out you were 38 weeks along in an unplanned pregnancy?


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