Parents Will Let Son's Killer Live With Them

There's forgiveness ... and then there's forgiveness to the point of inviting your child's killer to come live with you after he gets out of prison, and, oh by the way, does he need a job too? Because you'll gladly give him one of those.

It sounds like the plotline of a Lifetime movie, but it's happening in real life. Christopher Bazar has been invited to live with his victim's mother, and work for the father, after spending just three years in jail for shooting and killing Donald St. Laurent II.


Laurent and Bazar were best friends and roommates when the shooting took place in 2011. He admitted to drinking and using marijuana the night he accidentally killed his friend and even could be heard sobbing uncontrollably to the 911 operator just moments after the gun fired.

The judge originally wanted to sentence him to 4 to 10 years behind bars for manslaughter, but thanks to the tremendous support from the St. Laurent family, he only served 3.

Deborah and Donald St. Laurent didn't just forgive Bazar for the death of their son, they petitioned for leniency and now are volunteering to help him restart his life by making sure he has a place to stay and employment when he gets out.

"He's my other son," Deborah said. "My son loved him and I love my son more than life ... My son loved him, and I know it was an accident ... I know that this is what my son would want me to do."

The parole board noticed the almost unbelievable compassion shown by this family and took that into consideration when making their decision about an early release. After it was announced, there were hugs all around.

Donald St. Laurant said, "I think he's done his time ... I think it's something he's going to have to live with the rest of his life. I also believe that people deserve a second chance."

Forgiveness and second chances are probably easy to think about in the abstract, but when it comes right down to it, it's hard to forgive someone who has hurt you, no matter how unintentionally or accidentally. Even if this family completely forgave Bazar for the accidental death of their son and brother, it would be understandable if they never wanted to see him again.

This family is showing compassion above and beyond what most people could even imagine.

Do you think you could ever show this amount of support to someone who accidentally killed your child?


Image via WMUR

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