Model Says Breastfeeding Is 'Vile' & 'Borderline Incest'


breastfeedingJosie Cunningham is a British model who seems to relish in controversy. She admitted that she was so disappointed when she found out that her third child was going to be a boy that she smoked and drank when pregnant to drown her sorrows. She even told the world she was going to have an abortion in order to go on the show Big Brother, but then changed her mind. She is now attacking breastfeeding, calling it "vile" and "borderline incest."


Kimberly Walsh is a singer and actress in the UK and a breastfeeding mom.

Everything written about Josie Cunningham has an element of shock. It almost seems too scandalous to be true. She describes herself on her Twitter profile as "UK's most controversial boobs, courtesy of the NHS." And that baby boy she thought she was having turned out to be a girl. There is also a story about her being tricked into thinking she was dating and impregnated by pro Hull City footballer Curtis Davies for 18 months (that's soccer to us in America). It turned out to not be Davies, but a man impersonating him. Josie was left heartbroken.

For a woman who has experienced such heartbreak and faced a lot of backlash for her comments on drinking and smoking while pregnant, it's even more off-putting she would attack breastfeeding and breastfeeding moms.

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I breastfed my twin babies for over a year. I am a huge breastfeeding advocate. I also support women who formula-feed. I had to supplement with formula when I didn't produce enough milk for my kids when I went back to work. Breastfeeding moms shouldn't be attacked for their choice, and formula-feeding moms shouldn't be attacked for their choice. And to call breastfeeding "vile" and "borderline obscene" is wrong. It's hurtful. It's unnecessary. And it's questionable why someone in the public eye would do such a thing.

But it's proof that this is what some people really think about breastfeeding. And even if Josie is playing into it for media attention, it hurts breastfeeding mothers and the babies that are benefiting from breast milk. It furthers the negative thought -- far too many people believe that breastfeeding is obscene. It's simply not. And anyone who thinks so needs to question themselves and their beliefs that breasts are purely sexual objects.

Maybe Josie is feeling a bit of guilt for not breastfeeding -- I felt it when I had to supplement with formula. Maybe this is her way of lashing out.

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I feel for Josie. She seems to be going through a lot. I wish she wasn't speaking awful and untrue things about breastfeeding. It seems she is speaking out of hate and with disgust. If it's not something she wants to do with her baby, that's fine. But to call it "vile" and suggest it's incest is preposterous. As mothers -- as humans -- we need to be supportive of each other and our choices even if they are different than our own when the goal is the same. We want to raise loving and good children who are healthy and happy and accepting. We have to lead them by example.

What do you think of Josie Cunningham's thoughts on breastfeeding?

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