Man Says Outrageously Offensive Pictures of Gun to Baby's Head Were Just a Joke (PHOTOS)

A man was forced to make a video apology to the world after posting pictures that made people, shall we say, a tad angry. The man, Luis Martin Perez Rocha, took some pictures of himself pointing a gun at a baby's head and uploaded them to his Facebook wall. Outrage and threats ensued. Rightfully so. Who is this jackwad?? Is the baby okay?? Relax, the baby is apparently fine. The man claims the pictures were just a joke and that the gun is fake. Feel better? Nope, me neither. (Warning: Photos to follow are disturbing.)


First off, you've just got to wonder about the type of person who thinks this is funny. To point any kind of gun -- whether it's made of plastic or your finger -- to a baby's head ... it just says something about YOUR head. And what it says is not good!

Plus, we read about kids getting killed by guns every day. And many of those kids were just playing around with guns. It's not the kind of thing you play around with, period.

But also, this man uploaded the pics to Facebook. In fact, despite online threats that would make most people fear for their lives -- the pictures are still there. As if he's proud of them!

Obviously, this guy thinks gun + baby's head = laugh riot.

While he did issue an apology via YouTube, I don't understand why he'd still have the photos up unless he was enjoying this twisted form of attention.

Pointing a gun at anything, whether it's an animal (unfortunately, those pics make the rounds too), adult, or baby, and inviting the public to look at your "bad self" just screams psychological issues -- ones that may turn dangerous.

Okay, I'm one of those people who thought the grandparents' picture of the baby in the oven was funny. I got why people were upset, but I still thought they were overreacting. Primarily because these grandparents had NO idea the social media outrage they would cause -- whereas this guy clearly KNOWS and does not CARE.

Also, a baby in a pan? It's just so ludicrous that it's amusing. And the grandparents did it as a joke on the child's worried parents, not to get online attention. But it is a fine line between funny and offensive, as many comedians have found.

Rocha says the boy is his nephew and he is fine and was never in any danger. But you have to wonder if the boy's parents are still cool with him hanging with the child. If so, you gotta wonder about them too. Also, who took the photo? Someone else who thought this was equally funny?

Sick, twisted, and sad. Hopefully this uncle learned his lesson. But why is this a lesson he needed to learn?!


Images via Dean Johnson/Flickr and Luis Rocha Martin Perez/Facebook

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