Pleading Bride Dragged Kicking & Screaming to Her Own Wedding (VIDEO)

When we think of our wedding day, whether we are already married or not, most of us think of ecstatically walking down the aisle on the arm of our father or other person we feel close to, smiling at friends and family, and then happily if nervously joining our chosen beloved in front of a crowd of well-wishers. Sadly, for millions of girls and young women in the world, a wedding isn't a time of joy, but one of terror. And a video uploaded online has caught the horrific moment many young women around the world have to endure in all of its gruesome heartbreak.


We don't know her name, but we hear her desperate cries. She is a teen bride in Kazakhstan in a forced marriage. And her special day of horror has been shared with the world.

We don't know who uploaded the video, or why, but what is clear is that a young girl in Central Akmola is brought in a luxury car to what is reportedly her future groom's home.

She does not want to be there.

Remember the agony you felt as a child when you were being forced to do something you didn't want to do -- maybe sit on a scary Santa's lap? Well, this girl must be feeling that times one thousand. And she knows her horror won't end in a few minutes -- it will last the rest of her life.

The girl cries and screams in the car as traditional wedding music plays ludicrously in the background. Some onlookers are dressed in wedding garb. The girl is not; she is likely getting dressed inside. Children watch the spectacle -- young girls see what their future holds.

Believe it or not, this happens in the United States too. The Tahirih Organization's Forced Marriage Initiative estimates that at least 3,000 forced marriages happened in the U.S. from 2009 to 2011.

The young bride is pushed and shoved up the wedding carpet, as she frantically clings to whatever she can find that will stop her progress.  She begs to be taken home. In a farcical slap in the face, women toss confetti on the terrorized bride.

Her friends and family betray her. They continue to force her to her doom.

She makes one last desperate attempt to save herself, grasping the frame of the door to her new and unwanted life with a man who is, most likely, much older than her -- and probably someone she'd never met before or met only met briefly. But then the crowd quickly and ruthlessly overcomes her last struggles of resistance.

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For us, the awful glimpse into this barbaric practice ends there. For her, nothing ends. This was just the beginning.

Image via Faylyne/Flickr

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