Teacher in Hot Water for Ordering 'Firing Squad' on Misbehaving Students (VIDEO)

In a case of classroom discipline gone awry, a Washington state chemistry teacher may lose her job over implementing a "Koosh firing squad" with her students in an attempt to get them to behave in class.

Kem Patteson allegedly kept a "Wheel of Misfortune" in her room, which students were asked to spin when caught breaking rules like chewing gum in class. Ms. Patteson has been placed on indefinite leave after a video emerged of students being pummeled by Koosh balls.


Sophomore Zoey Zapf says she was the target of the "Koosh firing squad" and was completely and totally humiliated. "I'm gonna be honest," she admitted. "I'm hoping she gets fired because it was beyond humiliating."

According to the girl, she was chewing gum when the teacher "looked over and she told me to spin the wheel and that's like a normal thing."

Then came the firing squad. It may sound silly, but high school students can have some pretty serious arms and aim, and Patteson herself apparently used to be a semi-pro baseball player.

"I clearly said that I didn't want to do this, and after that I found out that you can opt out with a lunch detention," Zapf said, "and when I said I don't want to do this, she said 'too bad' or something and I got pelted."

This isn’t the first offense of Koosh by the teacher either. Last May, a boy held a notebook in front of his face while his peers pelted him with the squishy plastic balls.

In a statement, officials for the Stevenson-Carson school district said, "We take any type of reported bullying very seriously and begin investigating the situation immediately."

Do you think Koosh ball pelting is creative discipline or corporal punishment?


Image via K Tempest Bradford/Flickr

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