Breastfeeding Mom Sent to Filthy Bathroom to Pump During Jury Duty (VIDEO)

A nursing mom in Memphis was horrified when she went to pump while serving on jury duty. She found the "nursing mother's restroom," but was grossed out by the condition of it. It was essentially a one-stall bathroom, with a disgusting dirty toilet, with not a single surface to place a breast pump.

Because apparently just because we have babies, we no longer care about sanitation. Or something. Anyway, the mama did what any social media savvy chick would do and posted some photos of the dirty nursing mother's bathroom at the Shelby County Jury Commission Building to Facebook, and she let the Internet take care of it.


Dirty Nursing Mother's Bathroom
The photos went viral, eventually landing on Shelby County Mayor Mark Luttrell's Twitter page. Steve Shular, a spokesman for the county, said that they had no idea the conditions were that bad, and they are being rectified immediately.

"We worked very quickly to get those accommodations changed, and we will have that in order by Monday," he said.

That is awesome. Not that nursing moms should have to hide away to nurse their infants in this day and age, but some moms just aren't comfortable nursing in public (or have fussy eaters that need peace and quiet), and they should have options in public spaces that aren't dirty toilets.

Even more important is when things like this happen -- when a nursing mom is away from baby and needs to pump. How the heck are you supposed to balance a pump, tubes, bottles of milk, the horrible suction-y things on your nips, etc., while sitting on a dirty public toilet?

Because let's face it -- I don't care how comfortable or adept a woman is at public breastfeeding, I don't know a single female who would whip out the pump and go to town expressing breast milk in front of random strangers.

For the record, Shelby County is converting a former break lounge to a nursing mom's room. No toilet involved. - Jackson, MS

Would you be comfortable nursing or pumping in a public bathroom stall like this?


Images via reid bee/Flickr & Lauren Lee/Twitter

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