Bikini-Clad Woman Caught on Camera Ridiculously Trying to Get Perfect Selfie (VIDEO)

Kim Kardashian would be proud -- or maybe jealous? A random bikini-clad girl determined to get the perfect selfie spent at least a minute contorting herself into various positions in front of her iPhone -- all while a bemused bystander takes video of it while making sarcastic commentary.


Check out the video:

There's no doubt that the girl is absolutely determined to get the perfect angle and put on the perfect trout pout for her selfie. She even bends over backward at one point -- literally! All that remained was for her to fall on her ass and break a bone. Would she have even noticed?

There's no doubt that the invention of the cellphone camera's ability to switch angles and capture the person holding the camera has got to be one of the few technological inventions that completely changed an entire generation's outlook on life. Instead of looking outward, that generation looks mostly inward.

No doubt if 9/11 happened today, there would be so many people trying to take selfies in front of the burning towers that the body count probably would have been even higher than it was. People seem to have no shame when it comes to selfies.

Science has even confirmed that people who take more selfies are self-absorbed, narcissistic boobheads. But we already had Kim Kardashian to tell us this.

At least this girl wasn't trying to get a selfie in front of the Holocaust Museum, but there is something about the single-minded determination with which she twists and turns to get the selfie of her dreams that's just sort of sad.

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Have you ever seen people obsessed with taking a selfie?


Image via Andrew Fysh/Flickr

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