10-Year-Old Boy Scout Accidentally Hangs Himself While Trying to Earn Badge

A 10-year-old Boy Scout was found hanging from the top bunk in his bedroom in Oneonta, Alabama, after he reportedly killed himself by accident while practicing to earn a badge in knot tying.

AJ Underwood was the only boy in a family that included three sisters and has been described as a happy child who did well in school. The family was preparing to attend a birthday party on Friday night when AJ's mom reportedly called to her son. When he didn't respond, she went to check on him in his bedroom. Imagine the horror she felt when she found him dead -- hanging from the same rope the Boy Scout organization provided so he could practice to prove he had mastered this skill.


Police say neighbors called 911 after AJ's mom ran outside screaming for help. Attempts to resuscitate the boy were unsuccessful and he was pronounced dead at the hospital.

AJ's family has set up a GoFundMe page to help cover his funeral expenses. In just one day, more than half of their $20,000 goal was reached. On the site, AJ is remembered as "the most amazing young man and will be missed by so many."

AJ's aunt, Dana Wiesman, told WBRC her nephew was a "mama's boy" and said: "She needs him more than he ever needed her. He took care of things. He was always smiling and happy. He would do anything for anybody. He's the best kid I've ever known."

There just aren't any words to describe the sadness of this tragic loss. This sweet little boy was trying to accomplish a goal. It sounds like he was a dedicated member of the Boy Scouts who was willing to put in the effort to get ahead. We wish this poor angel's family peace and comfort during this extremely difficult time.


Image via GoFundMe

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