Teen Dressed As Zombie for Popular Corn Maze Attraction Killed By a Bus

An 18-year-old man from Washington was reportedly killed in a freak accident that took place while he was dressed up as a zombie while taking part in a popular attraction at a corn maze in Idaho.

Jeremy T. McSpadden Jr. was participating in the "Zombie Slayer Paintball Bus" event at the "Incredible Corn Maze" in Hauser, Idaho when he was killed by a bus traveling on the bumpy road. The teen, dressed up as a zombie, reportedly popped out from a place where he was hiding and ran toward the bus -- which was carrying passengers whose duty it was to "shoot" zombies with their paintball guns. But McSpadden tripped in front of the vehicle, according to witnesses, and fell in front of its tires.


Because this was a fun attraction that involved role play, participants reportedly thought the teen was making believe he was "killed" by the paint balls and fell down on the street on purpose. It wasn't until the bus had rolled on and the "zombies" were about to hide again and wait for the next bus to come that witnesses say they realized the young man had been run over.

Another horrific detail: the bus was going over a cornfield -- rocky terrain. No one was able to tell the vehicle had driven over the man.

On its Facebook page, the Incredible Corn Maze announced it had cancelled all attractions for the remainder of the weekend and offered the following thoughtful message: "Our heart-felt condolences go out to the family and all those affected by this tragic accident. Due to the on-going investigation, we are unable to make any further comments."

Are attractions like these too dangerous or do you think this was just a freak accident?


Image via Facebook

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