US Airways Flight Attendant Refuses to Hang Army Veteran’s Jacket in Closet

Passengers aboard a US Airways flight from Oregon to North Carolina have expressed their outrage after a flight attendant reportedly refused to hang up an Army veteran’s medal-decorated jacket because he wasn’t sitting in first class.

First Sergeant Albert Marie reportedly asked if his “Dress Blues” jacket could be hung in a closet so that it wouldn’t crease. But the man, who was sitting in coach, was denied his request because, the attendant informed him, it was for first-class passengers only.


Upon hearing the attendant act “disrespectfully” toward Marie, several first-class passengers asked the vet if they could switch seats with him. It should be noted that Marie seems to also possess class in spades because the humble man thanked them but stayed put in his seat.

As all of this was going on, a first-class passenger named Jon Dahlberg reportedly took the jacket from Marie and hung it up behind his own seat so that it would not wrinkle. He did so, he says, because “there is a difference between policy and doing what is right.”

It didn’t take long before disgusted US Airways passengers took to Twitter to express their disbelief over what had happened. Laura Kirby had the following to say about it:

To its credit, US Airways responded:

It should be noted that we have no idea if Marie himself is as offended by this incident as the many passengers who came to his defense aboard Flight 1930. I’m also finding it difficult to make up my mind about whether this attendant was really the Wicked Witch of the West or simply an ardent rule-follower. Did she speak disrespectfully to Marie? What, exactly, did she say? Did she state the rule and dismiss him, the way most flight attendants do because they’re incredibly busy?

It would have been a nice and respectful gesture on the attendant’s part to hang up this veteran’s jacket. He certainly deserves our respect. But it would now be nice to hear from both the attendant and Marie.

Do you think the flight attendant should have hung up Sgt. Marie’s jacket, even if it went against company policy?


Image via Laurakirby76/Twitter


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