Young Man Who Killed Mom During Seizure Found Not Guilty

A 21-year-old man may go absolutely free after admittedly killing his mother right after a violent seizure. The young man, Fordham University student Henry Wachtel, says he has no memory of the 2012 events during his mother's horrible death, but agrees that the evidence shows he was responsible for it.

A 911 call his mother, Karyn Kay, made caught sounds of the young man as he had a violent seizure and then began beating her. She was a high school teacher. He killed her but says he has no recollection of it and says it was not intentional or even remembered. The state agreed.


911 tape caught the attack and the mother screaming for help. Then it captures Wachtel as he apparently realizes what has happened and yells, "Mommy! Mommy! Please don't die!"

He had reportedly beaten his mother to death while in a "postictal state," which can happen after a seizure, with the subject anxious and disoriented. Prosecutors agreed that the evidence showed that Wachtel was not guilty by reason of insanity. He will now be committed to a "therapeutic center," but may be free to go soon.

Wow, this is very harrowing and tragic. I had no idea someone in the midst of a seizure could commit such an act.

His attorney says his epilepsy is now completely under control.

It makes you wonder why his epilepsy wasn't under control before? And if it's thought to be under control now, could it suddenly not be under control and the same thing happen again?

If he leaves the facility and the same thing happens again, then that would be a double tragedy. I would not want to be the one making the decision about when Wachtel gets to leave, that's for sure.

Wachtel reportedly had a long history of emotional problems and drug use in addition to the seizures. He had also reportedly threatened to kill his mother once before.

But the state has decided that Wachtel was not in his right mind when he killed his mom and that he shouldn't have to go to prison. Hopefully, he can heal wherever he is going and go on to live a good life without being a danger to others.

Do you think he should go free?


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