Teen Pepper Sprayed by Cops for Walking Into His Own Home (VIDEO)

Officers pepper-sprayed a teen for walking into his home. But he was walking into his home while black, which, as we know, can be dangerous. DeShawn Currie, an 18-year-old African-American teen who lives with the Tyler family, who is white, was walking in his home's back door, which his foster mom had left open for him for when he came home from school, when three cops descended on him. Apparently a neighbor had reported him to North Carolina police.


Currie says he had just entered the home when police officers arrived and demanded to know what he was doing there. When he asked why and explained that he lived there, cops reportedly pointed to the pictures of white children on the mantel and said he obviously didn't belong there.

An argument ensued and cops eventually pepper-sprayed Currie in the face.

Luckily, this is when Currie's foster mother, Stacy Tyler, came home and cleared up things for police. And more luckily, these cops were trigger-happy only with pepper spray, not bullets.

Currie says he was just starting to feel comfortable and loved in his new home when cops took that feeling of safety away from him. He told ABC11:

I had moved into my room, and I'm feeling like I'm loved. And then when they come in and they just profile me and say that I'm not who I am. And that I do not stay here because there was white kids on the wall, that really made me mad.

Stacy, who calls Currie her "baby," says that her 5-year-old asked, "Mama I don't understand why they hated our brother, and they had to come in and hurt him."

The cops should have listened to what Currie had to say. How many burglars claim to live in the house, after all? Breaking out the pepper spray is extreme and uncalled for -- and we only have cops' words that Currie became belligerent (what else are they going to say when they pepper spray a kid in his own home?). Somehow you doubt a white man walking into a black family's home would get treated the same. (If you've seen this video, you know the cops probably wouldn't have been called on a white man to begin with.)

This example is another reason people really need to STOP and THINK when they see something they consider out of place. Stop, think, ask questions. Be polite. You don't know the situation.

As for Currie, he unfortunately got his lesson in what it can mean to be a black man in the world. Let's hope it does not make him bitter. After all, it seems he has a wonderful family now and will go far in life. Perhaps this will be the catalyst that makes him go to law school or something.

Would you have called police?


Image via ABC11 News

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