'7th Heaven' Cast Member Speaks Out About Stephen Collins' Molestation Scandal

Stephen CollinsWhen news broke that actor Stephen Collins had confessed to the unimaginable -- molesting at least three young girls -- while in a secretly taped therapy session with his estranged wife, I know a lot of our thoughts went to the young cast of Collins' hit show, 7th Heaven. What do they think? And did they ever suspect anything? One cast member is now speaking out -- anonymously. While the actress who played Collins' wife, Catherine Hicks, has already said, "Stephen's a good guy in my opinion," now a cast member who was clearly a teen or child while on the show has extensive things to say about Collins.


The former cast member spoke to the Daily Mail Online and said:

I'm very confused right now. Knowing Stephen the way I do, I find it hard to put this together. He wasn't that guy. He wasn't someone with secrets and angst ... He took care of me and all of us during those years. He really was a father figure. Taught us to read music a little bit and would make up songs for any occasion for us. He was our glue that held us together. Our rock. 

Of course, it is shocking when someone you know and trust is accused of such horrible crimes -- but molesters aren't usually the crazy-eyed, bushy-haired stranger who attacks your child on the street. Typically, they are your child's sports coach, teacher, pastor, priest, mentor, "cool" uncle, etc. The insidiously awful thing about molesters is that they infiltrate areas where kids will be and where those kids will be vulnerable and trusting with the adults placed in their care.

If Collins did do what he confessed on the tape, it shouldn't be shocking that he didn't act that way on a TV set or slink around looking suspicious and "angsty." Additionally, he most likely would have been fine working with a child cast -- he likely wasn't going to target those children who could get him in serious trouble, or ones who had powerful agents, managers, or parents hovering on set. (Though child actors being sexually abused is certainly not uncommon, and Corey Feldman is one of the few to speak up about this.)

Nor is it too surprising that Collins slammed Jessica Biel's nude photos, taken when she was 17, as "child pornography." Just as it's common for the most viciously homophobic people to have a secret gay life, those with secret lives often fool others (and themselves) by coming out strongly against whatever demon it is they're fighting. (Collins was also a lay minister at a local LA Episcopalian church.)

Collins was said to be the "dad" on 7th Heaven not just for TV, but in real life, even quizzing teen costar Beverly Mitchell on her boyfriends' intentions.

Behind this image, however, it sounds like there was something much darker. Collins is the author of a psychosexual thriller called Double Exposure and he reportedly also sought treatment, according to divorce documents, for sex addiction.

People with double lives are nothing if not good at compartmentalizing. Does that completely negate who the person was in good times? That's one of those questions that will never fully be answered.

Meanwhile, reruns of 7th Heaven have reportedly been pulled from TV.


Image via Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment

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