Mom's Complaint About Target Clothing for Girls Goes Viral & Gets Response (VIDEO)

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Blogger Stephanie Giese is like most moms I know -- she loves her some Target. What is it about that store anyway that draws us like moths to a flame? Is it the Dollar Spot? The reasonably priced home goods? The fact that their return policy is generally lenient and expedient?

But Stephanie had one little problem with something Target stocks -- the teeny tiny girls' clothes -- and she took to her blog to write an open letter to the store. She had noticed a definite discrepancy in the amount of material used in Target's boys' clothes verses girls' clothes.


She wrote:

Every time the grandparents ask what size her sister is wearing so that they can spend their money at your store as well, I wind up passing down some brand new, too short for their label hand-me-downs to my smallest child.

Because you are manufacturing your girls' clothing WAY too small.

Dang, you know what? I had noticed that Target sizes seem to run a little small for my girls but wasn't aware that it was a gender thing. I don't exactly have any little boys running around over here for size comparisons from the different gender departments.

Giese pointed out that the same size girls' T-shirt or shorts uses far less material than for the boys' items. Other moms were quick to agree that girls' "shirts are cut too tight, and shorts too short." 

Her open letter to Target soon went viral.

And then the major retailer reminded us why we love them and their trusty red bull's-eye trademark. Because Target responded very positively to the complaints, and officials from the store are in communication with Giese and other moms to find out what changes they would like to see in their kids' clothing department.

While they haven't formed an official partnership, Target reached out to Giese, eager to hear her concerns and listen to her. Wise move, Target.

Of course raw materials cost money, and I'm sure the store was saving a buck or two capitalizing on the trend toward shorter shorts and nipped in waists for little girls, but if there's an outcry for more modest clothing for our daughters, they are very smart to listen to the market demand.

After all, where do you want to shop? Some place that ignores moms' concerns, or one that listens attentively and then takes action to ensure those needs are met? I'll take the latter any day.

And I'll be looking for some roomier clothes in the girls' department in the near future.

Watch Giese discuss her viral blog post and Target's response on Good Morning America:

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Are you surprised that Target took the time to read and respond to this mom's blog post?


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