Teacher Publicly Shames Girl by Showing Her Bikini Photo at School Assembly

Girl in BikiniOf all the crappy things a person can do to a teenage girl, this one ranks pretty high up there. A teacher at an English secondary school took it upon herself to give her students a lesson in the dangers of social media, by stalking a 15-year-old girl online to find bikini pictures of her, and then showing them to 100 of her classmates at a school assembly.

Did you catch that? A teacher went onto a student's Facebook page, downloaded a picture of her in a bikini, and then humiliated her with it in front of her peers.


In what world is this possibly OK? The victim's mom has filed complaints with the proper authorities about the incident, as would I, had this happened to either of my daughter. My daughters who are allowed to wear bikinis, by the way.

The mom said, "She's really upset and hurt and this has knocked her confidence, She's not the type of girl who likes attention like this ... she's a tom-boy, she doesn't wear make-up and she doesn't even have her ears pierced. It's not often you even get her in a bikini."

The school at least has the common sense to apologize on behalf of the teacher who engaged in the public shaming, but they still defend the "message of the assembly." Sounds like a sorry-not-sorry to me!

A spokesperson said, "She wanted to illustrate how freely available such images are, through the internet. We are really sorry for the way in which this important message was delivered. This was an error of judgment: the member of staff had not intended to cause any embarrassment."

How can you not intend to cause any embarrassment by displaying a picture of a 15-year-old girl in a bikini to 100 of her classmates? Have you ever met a 15-year-old girl who thought she looked good in a bikini? They are mythical creatures, played by 18-year-olds pretending to be high school sophomores in movies.

Yes, people, especially teens, should be careful of what they post on the Internet. But maybe teachers or other adults in authority shouldn't going stalking their Facebook pages with the intent to embarrass them publicly. If this teacher really was concerned over what this girl posted on a public forum she happened to come across, she should have come to her privately about it, or even her parents. But shaming her in front of her classmates is just despicable.

Do you think this teacher was in the right or the wrong?


Image via Gabriel Saldana/Flickr

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