'7th Heaven' Dad Stephen Collins Confesses to Child Molestation on Tape (VIDEO)

stephen collinsStephen Collins, the actor who played the pastor/dad on long-running family show 7th Heaven, has confessed to molesting children. And the sickening admission was caught on tape. Take a listen.


Collins and his wife, Faye Grant, also an actress, are in the middle of a messy divorce, and she secretly recorded the confession during a 2012 session with the couple's therapist. It's clear how angry and heartbroken she is at learning the disturbing details of what he had done. Warning, some of the questions and answers are sexually explicit.

 New York News

Apparently, Collins had previously disclosed his crime to his wife -- which is what prompted the therapy session. Now the NYPD has started a criminal investigation into the incidences that have apparently involved multiple young girls. Investigators have already learned that one of the alleged victims is a relative of Collins' first wife.

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The question now is can Collins be prosecuted for a decade-old crime? Some experts say that is a possibility since the statute of limitations begins from the date the crime was reported. It's a startling and sordid mess, to be sure. Collins has crafted a career playing an all-American dad. Now the actor faces prison time for an unforgivable crime.

Are you shocked to learn Stephen Collins confessed to child molestation?

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