Cop Threatens to Take Couple's Baby to CPS for No Good Reason (VIDEO)

A couple with a brand new baby were stopped by a police officer who threatened to call child protective services on them for ... well, it's hard to tell. Why the car, driving in Sandusky, Ohio, was originally pulled over is difficult to tell too, but when the cop ran the plates, he found nothing. This didn't seem to stop him from wanting to check the car though. Soon, he was coming up with a litany of excuses to get the couple out of the car. When the passenger, new dad Andre Stockett, refused and kept asking the cop to clarify why he and his girlfriend had to step out of the car, the cop eventually threatened to call CPS.


First, the cop tells Stockett that he looks like a wanted man, but Stockett denies that he's him. The cop even calls Stockett "Mr. Newell," the name of the man with warrants on him -- and Stockett has to correct him, saying, "But that's not me!"

The officer, Christopher Denny, asks for his identification, but Stockett refuses, saying he is within his rights. Stockett repeatedly asks why they've been pulled over, and Denny changes his story.

First, he says that a drug dog got a "hit" on the car, which Stockett laughingly denies.

Then Denny says that they were driving without their lights on. Stockett points out that it's not dark outside.

Then Denny changes tactics again, this time saying that the driver and mother of the baby, Karthyn Said, looks "nervous." Erm, yeah, she's nervous all right. Because they've got a 2-week-old baby in the back and cops aren't exactly known to always be prudent with their arrests -- or their guns.

Explaining why he won't get out of the car, Stockett says, "I'm scared for my life." Can't exactly blame him after Ferguson.

Denny threatens to arrest him for "obstruction," and Stockett asks, incredulously, "Obstruction for what?"

At some point, Denny threatens to hand their baby over to CPS.

Finally, the couple do get out of the car and both are arrested.

Sandusky police Assistant Chief Phil Frost told the Sandusky Register that Officer Denny did nothing wrong, and he believed that Stockett might be a wanted man. No explanation as to why he kept changing his stories. As for his threatening to call CPS, Frost says he did not see it as a threat, but something to comfort the parents about where the baby would be going. Wow, that's quite a comfort.

No drugs were found in the vehicle. Frost said he has "counseled" the cops on mentioning CPS during stops.

Stockett is going to fight his obstruction of justice charge.

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It's a slippery slope indeed ... if a person who resembles a wanted man actually IS a wanted man, and he's stopped by cops and let go, then public outrage ensues. However, citizens have rights, and it is their right not to be hassled by police when they've done nothing wrong.

Check out the video. What do YOU think should have happened?


Image via Sandusky Register/YouTube

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