'Modern Family' Editor Live Tweets Passenger's Epic Drunken Meltdown

Ryan Case

On Sunday night, the planets aligned, and the wickedly funny Ryan Case, Emmy-winning editor of Modern Family, was on a plane stuck behind "the worst person in the world." OK, so maybe the planets didn't align for her, but they did for the rest of us who enjoyed giggling at her live-tweeting of the whole ordeal.

It turns out that the passenger in question was drunk as a skunk (wait -- can skunks get drunk? Or do they just have the misfortune of having a name that rhymes with drunk?), terribly rude, questionably racist, and very pissed off that she wasn't in first class. Because of course.


Now some might argue that this chick didn't deserve to be mocked and ridiculed for her drunken stupor. I mean, haven't we all had situations in our past that we'd rather not have documented for the entire Internet to shame us with? 

Some of us may even have been drunk on a plane before, making the experience entirely unpleasant for our fellow passengers. Confession time -- once after a particularly nasty fight with my then-husband, I ugly-cried the entire five-and-a-half hours of a cross-country flight. Snotty, ugly-cried. I don't think the flight attendants realized they all were taking pity on me and refilling my drink, and the emotional turmoil of my crumbling marriage combined with a lack of sleep and three too many Jack and Cokes were just too much too keep the floodgates at bay. I was the worst person in the world on that flight, I'm pretty sure.

That being said, I try really hard not to judge, but dang, from what Case had to say about this chick, it's hard not to.

It started with a simple, "Sitting behind the worst person in the world," with further explanation, "She was watching Hawaii 5.0 so loudly in her earphones that her seat mate asked her to turn it down. Worst move he ever made ... She apologized in the loudest, drunkest voice ever 'SORRY ITS MY 1ST TIME NOT IN 1ST CLASS' & hasn't stopped talking since."

Poor precious had to ride steerage. The horror! The braggery continues, with tales of how traveled she is.

She then insults her seatmate. Her Middle Eastern seatmate.

She tried to make up for all the racism though.

Case got a short respite from this heinously inebriated chick when nature called.

"I forgot the joy of silence," she remarked on the quietness.

There's more, so much more, 64 tweets in all detailing this awful experience, but to sum it up, it gets much worse before it gets better, and by gets better, I mean when the authorities had to be called to meet the plane when it landed to deal with Nadia, as her name turned out to be. She threatened people. She called the woman in front of her a bitch for asking her to please tone it down. She eventually tried to kiss the man sitting next to her, whom she racially insulted but somehow insisted was still gorgeous.

All being told, this girl was so rude and obnoxious, I'm going to say she was asking for it. Now all we have to do is wait for the Dunphy family to take a vacation somewhere that requires air travel. Who should "Nadia" be sitting next to on the show? Phil, Cam, or Mitchell?

Do you think Ryan Case should have kept her remarks to herself, or did Nadia deserve to have her episode made public?


Image via Frazer Harrison/Staff/Getty Images

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