Moms Freaking Out Over 'Batman's Wife' T-Shirt Need to Get a Life

Batman's WifeSomeone found a shirt in the junior's department at Walmart and flipped out, because apparently it set the feminist movement back about 70 years. The shirt in question suggests that a girl might actually someday want to have a kickass husband.

It seems that one wannabe Batgirl was looking through the racks when she spotted a pink Batman symbol. She was horrified to find that the T-shirt read, "Training to Be Batman's Wife." Because God forbid anyone aspire to marry Batman.


I see the point that she's trying to make -- that girls should want to be awesome themselves, not just find their identity in a man. I fail to see how this shirt advocates for that though. It doesn't say, "I'm training to be some fictional superhero's doormat," after all. One has to wonder if the moms complaining about the slogan equate wifery with that.

Some may snidely wonder if training to be Mrs. Batman includes learning how to pick up dry cleaning or learning to deal with a husband with a wandering eye for the latest villainess, but why can't it mean training to be a female so fierce that she's the only one who can capture Batman's heart and keep it?

That she's training so hard to be awesome herself that the only man who can keep up with her is a comic book superhero? That's she's developing her own kick-assedness, so that she attracts an interesting and intelligent man with similar interests?

That she holds herself so highly that she's not going to settle for an ordinary Joe Schmoe?

A playful shirt for a girl saying she's in training to be an awesome wife to an awesome man is not what's holding our girls back, but the attitude that being a wife is somehow detrimental to girl power might be.

The only thing this shirt is missing is a companion for the boys' department that reads, "I'm training to be Wonder Woman's husband."

Would you buy this shirt for your daughter?


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