Teacher Puts 'I'm Gay' Sign on Student & Barely Gets Slap on Wrist

school hallwayI am of the school of thought that pranks are a form of bullying. It's when everyone laughs, even the person being pranked, but oftentimes that laugh is just for show. Inside, the person who was pranked is mad, angry, and doesn't feel good about the situation. When I hear of teachers pranking students, I get upset. And one teacher took his prank way too far.

Teacher Daniel Mark Ogloff wrote, "I'm gay. Lol" on masking tape and stuck it on the back of a student's jacket


Ogloff is a metal and machining teacher in Langley, a Vancouver municipality in Canada. A shop teacher. Teaching one of the so-called "macho" things a kid can take in school. This doesn't make it right; in fact, this seems to make his prank all the more wrong. He joined that machismo thought that often comes with the degradation of others. This very same teacher had been warned before due to comments he made to his students. He teaches grades 7 through 12.

When Ogloff put this "I'm gay. Lol" piece of tape on one male student, others took photos of it and of course laughed. Some might feel this is an innocent prank, but it's not. This is how it starts, a hatred, discrimination, more pranks, prejudice. A teacher should teach the subject to our kids, but they are also setting an example on human decency, on respect, on how to treat people. Our kids are in school all day with their undivided (mostly) attention given to their teachers. Our kids deserve teachers who can lead them, who can set good examples. This is why I believe this teacher needs to be removed from his duties. He needs to be educated. He needs help. Or he needs to find another job.

It's clear Ogloff isn't heeding warnings. He was suspended for 10 weeks without pay last year for acting unprofessionally and disrespectfully. He now has been suspended again for two weeks. That's it. The suspension didn't work the last time. I really hope he makes the changes he needs to.

What do you think of his prank? Should he be suspended or removed from his job?

Image via Angie Garrett/Flickr

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