Uptight Moms Get Frisky Donkeys Separated at Zoo for Having Too Much Fun

Some moms wanted the dong taken out of donkey. Mothers in Warsaw, Poland, expressed outrage that a pair of ever-lovin' donkeys, who had been mates and mating for 10 years, would express their amorous affections in front of children at the local zoo. So one of the uptight mommies, Lydia Dudziak, a local official, persuaded the zoo to separate the frisky donkeys and put them in separate pens. Talk about sanctimommious!


Apparently the mommies did not appreciate that the donkeys could express their love for each other in full view of their innocent children, so despite the fact that they were dedicated partners who had raised six donkey children together, the pair were given separate pens.

Wow. I mean, what?! How can mothers who believe in family only believe in it for their own species? And, yeah, sorry the donkeys don't discreetly do their business in a back bedroom ... they are donkeys!

If you don't want your children seeing donkey sex acts, then don't bring them to the zoo! In fact, just inflate a big plastic bubble in your house and let them live there. I didn't think mommies in other countries could be as priggish as the ones in the States, but apparently I was wrong.

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Luckily, Poland isn't ALL prudish moms, and most people were agog that the zoo would actually separate the donkeys, who are named Napoleon and Antosia. Facebook pages dedicated to reuniting them cropped up, and a petition to bring them back together drew over 7,000 signatures.

The outcry worked, and this week the zoo reunited the couple, saying they had made a big mistake. Even Dudziak's own political party wouldn't come to her defense, saying, "It's a level of absurdity ... that has been crossed to such an extent that I don't even want to read or know about this."

Donkeys deserve to have fun too! Dudziak, on the other hand, deserves no fun whatsoever. And that's probably what she's getting.

Do you think these moms were out of control or right? Do you believe in donkey love?


Image via Daniela Duncan/Flickr

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