Little League Coach Dies in Tragic Accident During Practice

little leagueMost of us don't think of baseball as being one of the most dangerous sports our children play, but turns out, it can be. A Long Island, New York Little League coach died after being hit in the head with a ball during batting practice.


Richard Becher was pitching balls to his son and the other kids he coaches when the horrible accident occurred. He had even been throwing balls from behind a protective screen when the ball hit him, but it did little to stop the tragedy.

It's truly shocking. There are so many sports that we think of as potentially lethal. How many reports have we heard about football players suffering brain or spine injuries? Even soccer, with it's many hits to the head, carries certain risks. But baseball -- especially during the years of Little League - has always seemed like such a safe, relatively low risk activity. That's not to say this should prevent us from letting our kids participate. An accident like this is rare. However, it's just a possibility we should be aware of.

The players were ushered off the field as emergency responders tried to save his life, so fortunately his son didn't witness his father dying. Still, the shock must be overwhelming. By all accounts, Becher was a devoted dad, taking part in everything that his kids enjoyed. “He died doing something he totally loved,” his brother-in-law said. “Being involved in his kid’s life.”

Have you ever heard of someone getting serious or deadly injury during Little League?


Image via © Takeshi Hoshi/Aflo/Corbis

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