Mom Freaks Out When Asked to Turn Off Toddler's Noisy iPad During Flight (VIDEO)

mom on flightYou would be hard pressed to find a parent who looks forward to flying with an infant or toddler. Gives you chills, right? It's natural for a mom to get stressed out while flying solo with a child. So it's no big shock that a mother recently lost it when a flight attendant asked her to turn off the iPad blaring the Bubble Guppies. Not surprisingly, it was annoying the other passengers. Also not surprisingly, the mother refused to comply. Part of her stress-fueled tirade was caught on video.


We certainly have sympathy for this mom -- to a point. It's incredibly difficult entertaining kids and keeping them from having a total meltdown on a flight. I've certainly been there. I come armed with toys, books, games, and, of course, the almighty iPad.

As this mom knows, it works wonders. But apparently, this woman's 2-year-old won't wear headphones. So, other passenger's right to fly in peace be damned. When the flight attendant asked her to turn it off, she argued. Despite the fact that it was a rule, she refused to comply. As a result, a crew of officers were waiting for her as she got off the plane and boy was she pissed. Take a look.

As I said before, this woman gets a lot of empathy for her plight. She was probably doing her best to ensure there wasn't a teary tantrum. BUT that doesn't negate the fact that she was wrong. She comes off more like an entitled, selfish jerk than a beleaguered mom. She admits that she would NEVER comply with that air rule because she is a paying customer. (Never mind the fact that so is everyone else on the plane.) And the way she talked to the police officers is pretty shocking too. I have to wonder if they would have been so tolerant if she looked different.

Yes, it's hard to rationalize with a 2-year-old and convince them to wear headphones if they don't want to, but that doesn't mean the rest of plane should have to suffer through an annoying kids show. She should have an alternative toy for her kid or tell her that she has to wear the earphones or no iPad.

What do you think about how this mom behaved?

Image via © Marc Romanelli/Blend Images/Corbis

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