Rutgers Student Dies After Being Taken from Fraternity Party 'In Distress'

A 19-year-old sophomore at Rutgers University died yesterday after police say they found she "became distressed" while at a gathering at a fraternity.

Caitlyn Kovacs reportedly passed out early Sunday morning while at a party at Delta Kappa Epsilon. She was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead at 3:19 a.m. -- less than half hour after her friends called 911 because she didn't look okay.

The preliminary investigation shows that her death was related to alcohol consumption, but the results of an autopsy are still pending.


Police are continuing to investigate this incident, but say the frat members are being cooperative and have expressed their condolences on their Facebook page.

Kovacs was majoring in animal sciences at the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences. She has been described by friends as an energetic, upbeat person who loved to plan events and become involved with school activities.

In a statement, Rutgers president Robert Barchi said: "Her passing over the weekend is a tragic loss to her family, her friends, and the entire Rutgers community."

Assuming Kovacs' death was related to drinking, it's a shame that someone who had a long life ahead of her and so much potential lost everything because of alcohol. It's no secret that many students who attend fraternity and sorority gatherings sometimes drink to excess. And it's difficult to say frats should just ban liquor because some of its members are actually 21 -- plus, we all know college kids are going to experiment, so would a ban even work?

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We feel for this young woman's family. Her story reminds us that, while we may not be able to shield our children from everything when they go out in the world alone, we can caution them to stick with friends and look out for one another.

Does your child belong to a fraternity or sorority and does this worry you?


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