Dad Allegedly Responds to Teen Son's Suicide Threat by Handing Him a Gun

Imagine the horrible moment your son says he wants to kill himself. What would you do? Rush him to the hospital? Get him into therapy? Make sure every dangerous or blunt instrument in your home was safely locked away? Well, if you're Michael Yatsko of St. Cloud, Florida, you reportedly do NONE of those things. What you do allegedly do is hand your suicidal kid a gun.


Yatsko was arrested after his 13-year-old son threatened to kill himself and he reportedly said, "Do it; kill yourself; I really don't care." He then allegedly handed his son a gun.

He reportedly told police he realized it wasn't the appropriate response but he was sick of his son's "cowardly" comments and that they've become "frustrating."

Jeez, Yatsko must subscribe to the Gene Simmons school of compassion for those who are suicidal -- which means he has none, and just thinks people who threaten suicide are trying to get attention.

It's understandable that perhaps if his son has oftened threatened to kill himself, that Dad is frustrated. But what is he doing to help his son? Besides hand him the means with which to do it?

Sounds like the boy needs real help, whether or not he is following through on his threats, he is crying out for understanding and love.

And given the fact that Yatsko was also accused of slamming his son's head on a table, it's not difficult to guess why this kid is so unhappy.

If you or anyone you know is thinking of suicide, please call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255 (TALK).


Image via newjoebondo/Flickr

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