Measles Vaccination Mistake Kills at Least 50 Babies

vaccineWe do not need more fear related to vaccinations, but a major mistake or sabotage occurred resulting in the deaths of at least 50 infants after receiving the measles vax, which is already highly contested. The vaccinations were a part of a United Nations campaign in Syria, a country already experiencing many horrifying issues. And even though this happened far from home, we need to find out exactly what happened and make sure something like this doesn't happen again there or anywhere.

What we know so far is the measles vaccine may have had an anesthetic accidentally mixed into it, which is deadly for children.


Why was it mixed with anything at all? Apparently the vaccine comes in multi-dose vials and it had to be diluted for single injections. It may have been accidentally cut with Atracurium, a muscle relaxant commonly used during surgery. The bottles that Atracurium is stored in reportedly look similar to the safe dilution. Dr. Mohammad Hamadi said, "We are investigating if it’s a mistake by the medical crew or a criminal act." No matter what happened, children have died. This is truly devastating.

Early reports said that at least 15 babies under the age of 1 died shortly after being vaccinated. The symptoms are "tightness of breath, slowed heart rate, wheezing, and inflammation of the larynx." Some of the children experienced convulsions, which, as one doctor pointed out, is related to a neurotoxin. The latest reports are saying the number of fatalities is more than 50.

The UN vaccination campaign has been suspended until a cause is determined.

This is an isolated issue affecting this area in Syria only. But we still need to be sure vaccines are safe when given to children anywhere in the world. Mistakes like this cannot happen.

Does this information make you fear vaccines?


Image via NIAID/Flickr

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