Super Strict School Dress Code Seems to Have It Out for Girls

A high school in Staten Island, New York, may be taking things too far with a strict new dress code that has landed 200 students in detention in less than two weeks. Tottenville High School has been accused of sexism for the new "Dress for Success" policy, since about 90 percent of the offenders just happened to be female.

Banned clothing includes tank tops, low-cut blouses, tubes/halter and midriff tops, "short-shorts," and "mini-skirts," and prohibits "visible undergarments" as well as shorts and skirts shorter than a "relaxed hand-level." 


Students and parents alike were upset about the severe new restrictions and the disruption they've brought to their lives. Teens in violation of the code were plucked from the hallways and given the option to put a gray gym shirt on or wait for their parents in the sweltering auditorium to bring them a change of clothes.

School district superintendent Aimee Horowitz says that the school is just trying to restrict clothing that "interferes with the learning and teaching process." The principal hasn't commented to reporters on the policy.

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The kids are mad -- and hot. The school doesn't have air conditioning, so making the kids cover up is especially painful. One dad, Vincent Candellieri, says he's considering a class action lawsuit after his three honor roll daughters were detained for wearing shorts. "I can understand where they're coming from, but this is outrageous," he lamented.

Another parent, Linda Ferraro, says that if she wanted a strict dress code for her sophomore daughter, "I'd send her to a Catholic school."

The dress code has also been expanded to prohibit hoodies, sweatpants, sunglasses, skinny jeans, and leggings.

You know, because you'll never get into college if you wear skinny jeans and a hoodie.

Do you think Tottenville High School's dress code is too strict?


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